Who are you? – Libri

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„With my poems I aim to create a new man with a new consciousness, who without hesitation seeks the best of own self and then moves safely towards the periphery, toward the society, toward the world. This kind of man learns how to give from own self before seeking out from the World; he never forgets that you will harvest what you seed; that his light shines for each and every one. Dear reader, I strongly believe that Meditation is one of the most important principles in human life. Meditation implies a continual delving into the inner self, right in the center, in which our roots lie. When we realize that our roots are the main foundation and all that comes after, is healthier, calmer, more stable and more productive that means that we grow in life. Life is not a desire, it is a journey. Life is an awakening, a research, a discovery and only when you realize its momentum, and when you accept it as such then when the surprise happens. You start to wonder why I am here and who am I?“


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